Who is Clarity Builders?

For us, a job well done means affordable home design…solid craftsmanship…attention to fine details…and happy customers.

As a subcontractor for other General Contractors, we deliver the new homes and remodels we promise at the outset. We can manage construction from start to finish, or simply provide thorough quality assurance on your projects.


We also build homes, smaller projects, and improvements directly for homeowners. Our longstanding relationships with our subcontractors means we offer the same value as larger builders. We’ll answer every question you have, from what’s required for your permit to explanations of the electrical rough. We’ll empower you to be as hands-on or hands-off as you like during the home building process.

And we’ll share the pride in the end result: a new home or updated space that exceeds expectations.

Making the home building process clear

We offer outstanding customer service—with a personal touch.

Our small but mighty team of construction industry pros just happens to be mostly women.  And we think this brings an added dimension to our work.

Clarity Builders is committed to making the process of building a new home or completing a remodel transparent. We’ll acquaint you with as much as you want to know to be comfortable with your decisions. We won’t lead you on with unrealistic timeframes. We’ll give you direct answers to your questions. And we’ll keep you informed every step of the way about just what’s entailed with the project you have in mind.

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