You have an idea for a new home design or improvement.

We bring clarity to your concept, then make it a reality.

And along the way, we’ll take the time to answer any question you have on home building or home improvements.  Empowering homeowners with the knowledge they need about their houses is part of our business mission.

How We Work


  1. We meet with you in person to talk over your new home or remodel. We’ll find out about your goals and budget, and share preliminary thoughts on design, costs and timeframe.
  2. You’ll get a pre-construction package that gives you a precise understanding of what we’ll deliver. We specify when the project will be completed and how much it will cost.
  3. Through our state-of-the-art software, Builder Trend, you get detailed home plans, construction specifications and line-item cost breakdown. [Misty: is it important to mention the brand name?  Does it have cachet/value to your clients?  Do your competitors mention it?]  Contractor scheduling and cost management are automated.  You can check on the progress we’re making 24/7, from pouring of foundation to installation of doors.

Highly Organized

This highly-organized approach means average build time for a new Clarity Builders home is 180 days.  With online tracking, you’ll know exactly when to schedule your housewarming.

Average Build Time

Clarity Builders Average - 180 Days
Other Builders Average - 220 Days

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Homeowner Services


Plans and design for new homes and remodels


Construction scheduling

Job site supervision

Consultation and mentorship

Homeowner review meetings (preconstruction meetings, pre-move-in walkthroughs)

One-year warranty support: liaison between homeowners and subcontractors on home warranty projects, and education on home maintenance

Dirty Fingernails workshops on how-to home repair, home maintenance, do-it-yourself energy efficiency projects, etc.

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